In today’s digital world of Google, Facebook and Instagram, content flows in and out everyday, but getting the right content out there to users, specifically in the way you want it to be done, is a challenging task. We, in late 2014 have realised that the need for content curation is quickly growing as the digital world expands. That's when we decided to create 9Toppiks, a content curation technology platform to facilitate customers to curate any web and mobile product, by providing them the required Infrastructure such as Cloud Hosting, UI Customisation, Search, Login, in-built AI, Scrape services and a lot more. Our 9Toppiks platform can be used to build a suite of web and mobile products for vast and diverse applications revolving around digital information.



All About Movies

Pycker is an entertainment platform which aims at providing you all the latest and most relevant information on entertainment. The idea of creating Pycker is to enable users to explore, discover and share useful information about movies and celebrities with a variety of features.



Khelo app (Launching Soon)

Fun with Rewards

Khelo app is a mobile app designed for entertainment, which revolves around 3 pillars — Content, Rewards and Gamification. The app engages users through various forms of gamification (contests, quizzes, challenges) for different entertainment aspects 

  • Movies

  • TV & Gameshows

  • Sports

  • Musical events & more..

The app offers rewards (perks, instant wins, grand prizes) based on luck, skill and effort. It can be used as a marketing platform to showcase brands, businesses, promotions, campaigns and a lot more to today’s mobile users. We are planning to launch it within AP & Telangana in English and Telugu languages, and later expand pan-India across multiple regional languages.










12-23, Street 1, Pheonix SEZ Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081

040 - 44251170


040 - 44251170

12-23, Street 1, Pheonix SEZ Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 500081

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